Public Announcement

Dear Troopas (past, present and future),

In response to the hundreds of facebook messages i have received concerning whether I had left KGE, I feel responsible to make a public announcement.

It is true that I will no longer be teaching at KGE, Troopas who have already paid for my video or VIP classes should be able to finish the remaining lessons they had paid for.

I hereby ensure my dear Troopas that I am still in the tutorial industry. More info will be formally announced in July. At this moment, I can only tell you that every one of you will be satisfied with the new place I am heading. As a matter of professionalism, please be patient and allow me to keep it as strict confidential until July.

In addition, I will take the break to invent new skills and enhance my existing skills to repay your continuous support and patience. I ensure each of you that you will be seeing a newly reborn Dr. Koopa Koo really soon.

At last, I shall also take this opportunity to thank KGE. Despite a few unpleasant events, KGE has treated me well. On behalf of myself and all the Troopas I had taught during my stay at KGE, we thank KGE for bringing me to the tutorial industry so that I could make Troopasˊ dreams come true. We wish KGE all the best.

Be Part of the Legend.
Dr. Koopa Koo

各位過去、現在、未來 Troopas:
過去數天收到數百 Facebook inbox messages, 都是查詢我的去向,我覺得有責任向各位作出交待,的確,我已離開英皇教育。

已經繳交關於video classes 及 VIP的費用的同學,請放心,我會安排你們在英皇完成餘下課程。

於此向各位保証,我仍然會在補習界發展,你們很快會看到一個全新的Dr Koopa Koo , 只有更強更好。不過為了保持專業,我不可以於現階段透露更多,不過可以肯定的是,我的去向絕不會令大家失望。七月我會有明確公布,現在只好要大家等等。趁這空檔,我會鑽研更多技巧與絶招,以報答大家耐心的等待。


Be Part of the Legend.
-Dr. Koopa Koo